Designing Your Data

We work with the full data value chain, from proof of concepts to putting a product in front of your customers. We work with the latest proven tools. Data isn't a secondary consideration, and we bake accuracy and analytics in to our approach.


Built exclusively for you

Starting a new project may seem daunting, but we’re here to help every step of the way. We work closely with each client, maintaining an open channel of communication through to launch and beyond. We want you to think of us as your partners on the journey.

1. Workshop

If you are happy with our first estimate, it's time to jump into the details. We can hold a workshop to come up with the right scope to make your project a success, or you tell us exactly what you need.

2. Proposal

We give you a fixed price proposal with optional extras for the first launch of your product. We understand it's hard to know which features are most important so we'll boil down what the options are.

3. Work & Sign Off

Sit back while we get to work. We'll start by connecting both our teams via slack to enable short feedback loops throughout the project. With multiple checkpoints we can ensure that you're happy with what is being developed.

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Beautiful Interfaces using a Modern Stack

Say hello to custom interfaces

Not everything works out of the box, so we frequently build user interfaces for configuration management or just plugging things together. We might use a CMS or our own custom interface, whatever gets the job done.

  • Mobile First
  • Cross Browser
  • Fully Tested
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"We're enabling consumers of the data in a new way that hasn't been attempted before".
— Dr Nicholas Eastaugh - Vasarik AI

Which sectors do we work in?

We've worked across a variety of industries and use cases. Here are a few that we're particularly proud of.

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Industry 4.0

Working in heavy industries and industries for the future, we deployed and developed an observability platform based on open source technology for monitoring data feeds across numerous industries including marine, wind turbines, robotics and logistics

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How do we Work?

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We're there to add value to your business as quickly as possible. If you're ready to take over, we do a fully managed handover of all our work, and stick around for as long as necessary to support any custom products.

For Developers

We can work with your own development team to upskill them, or assist them with integrations around products we've built.

For Business Owners

You need to get up and running quickly without hiring a team first? We're available to build out your data platform, help with hiring, handover and support.

For Trying Things Out

Need to test out a new direction? We can help with workshopping and development of the product to get you to where you need to be.

Keeping up to date

Some of our Customers

We work with the majority of our clients on an ongoing basis, ensuring their continued success.

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