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Our Technology Portfolio

The technologies we work with

We believe in a full end to end and integrated solution, not just a bolt-on.

Client 8


Depending what data needs to be visualised we work with a variety of technologies; 

  • Time Series: Grafana

  • Graphs: Neo4j

  • Reports: Jupyter

  • Geo: Kepler.GL

  • Dashboarding: Tableau

  • Custom Interface: Vue & Nuxt.JS, Flutter

Client 2

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud can be costly, but when used correctly can supercharge your business. We use the three major clouds, Azure, AWS & GCP, and look for cost-effective cloud native solutions. For deployment we look to Pulumi or cloud specific technologies like CodeDeploy/ CloudFormation or ARM templates.

Client 3

Web 3.0

We work in the Web 3.0 space mainly with PoCs, trying out new technology and understanding best practice.

  • Distributed Storage

  • Layer 1 & 2 Chains

  • NFTs

Client 5

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

We perform due diligence on our data to make sure we know what we're processing and outputting. We use advanced ML techniques where appropriate, and we generally use Python as well as custom ML/ probabilistic frameworks.

Client 8

User Interfaces

Not everything works out of the box, so we frequently build user interfaces for configuration management or just plugging things together.

We might use a CMS or our own custom interface, whatever gets the job done.

Client 2

Enterprise Data

You might not be in the position to need advanced analytics or ML techniques. Maybe you just need to get your data in to a good place and do some basic dashboarding or segmentation.

We're familiar with numerous platforms and approaches;


Data Factory


Big Query


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