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Our Technical Services

We offer services around data, from technical computing, to integration, to project management. 

Technical Computing

Got a sticky technical problem, or just want to spike something? We're experts in the Python data stack, including Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas etc. We also read a lot of research. We can help you solve a particularly challenging standalone problem and integrate with your existing setup, or just create a report. Whatever suits.


Machine Learning, Data Science & Analytics

Got lots of data but don't have an in-house team? We work with you to find the insights that are relevant to your business. We know that careful data investigation and preparation is one of the most important steps to getting good outcomes from machine learning techniques, and understanding your data is critical to your business. We also deploy and maintain models where required.


Technical Project Management

Looking to outsource but not quite sure how to scope your project? We can be your trusted advisor, ensuring that costs are kept low and appropriate agreements are in place. We can also do appropriate due diligence on potential suppliers.


Data Governance

You want to measure business indicators, but don't know where to start? We can help you along that journey, getting your data governance pipelines in to shape so that you can trust and visualise your own data across the business, avoiding lots of siloed data sets in Excel sheets that are critical for making business decisions.

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